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Legend of Nine Nights Episode 07 Eng Sub

ONA Sub Sub Released on February 17, 2021 · 905 Views · Posted by Narul Donghua · series Legend of Nine Nights
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Legend of Nine Nights

Rating 7.33
Status: Ongoing Network: Studio: Duration: 20 min. per ep. Season: Country: Type: ONA Episodes: 13 Fansub: Narul donghua
  At the beginning of the spiritual world, the yin and yang are not divided, the sacred grandeur is smashed, the road germinates, the spirits are born in them, the spirits create all things in the spiritual world, and in the source of the gods, turn their power into [nine holy artifacts] to maintain the spirit Stable and endless. The human race of the spirit world, the Emperor Torch, suddenly discovered the method of cultivating the avenue fragments [spiritual energy] and became the king of the first generation to rule the human race. He discovered the powerful power of the source god valley, so he went into the source god valley, trying to use the mortal The body masters the mighty power of the gods, but the holy heavenly weapons are so powerful that extraordinary people can get their hands on them. The torch emperor was eventually swallowed by the powerful spiritual power. Before the death of the torch emperor, he said: those who inherit the nine holy heavenly weapons will gain eternal life and be with the world. Qi Shou. Nowadays, ordinary people can only live in the city protected by the Holy Heaven Spirit Tool. The spiritual world is divided by the Xuanyang, the Moon Clan, and the Mountain Sea Alliance. The three legs stand on top of each other, barely maintaining peace on the surface... Shadow Moon Liuli, the patriarch of the Shadowmoon Clan As the heir of the Shadowmoon Clan, she is talented and everyone hopes that she can bring the Shadowmoon Clan to rise again. But Liuli only wants to live a simple and easy life, being a salted fish.

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