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Spring 2021

Cestvs: The Roman Fighter

Bandai Namco Pictures
12 episodes · TV Completed セスタス-The Roman Fighter-

Chief Spirit Master Season 2

60 episodes · ONA Ongoing 首席御灵师 2

In the vast land of God, everything has a spirit, and the genius who forms a partnership with a genie is called an imperial spirit master. Shi Dali, a teenager who has been sealed for a hundred years, accidentally meets a nine-tailed fox from a parallel world and sets out to become the chief spirit master, find the mystery of his birth and protect the world.

Combatants Will Be Dispatched! (Sentouin, Hakenshimasu!)

12 episodes · TV Completed Combatants Will Be Dispatched!, 戦闘員、派遣します!

Always bring a gun to a sword fight!

With world domination nearly in their grasp, the Supreme Leaders of the Kisaragi Corporation—an underground criminal group turned evil megacorp—have decided to try their hands at interstellar conquest. A quick dice roll nominates their chief operative, Combat Agent Six, to be the one to explore an alien planet…and the first thing he does when he gets there is change the sacred incantation for a holy ritual to the most embarrassing thing he can think of.

But evil deeds are business as usual for Kisaragi operatives, so if Six wants a promotion and a raise, he’ll have to work much harder than that! For starters, he’ll have to do something about the other group of villains on the planet, who are calling themselves the “Demon Lord’s Army” or whatever. After all, this world doesn’t need two evil organizations!

(Source: Yen Press, edited)

Edens Zero

12 episodes · TV Ongoing Edens Zero

At Granbell Kingdom, an abandoned amusement park, Shiki has lived his entire life among machines. But one day, Rebecca and her cat companion Happy appear at the park’s front gates. Little do these newcomers know that this is the first human contact Granbell has had in a hundred years! As Shiki stumbles his way into making new friends, his former neighbors stir at an opportunity for a robo-rebellion… And when his old homeland becomes too dangerous, Shiki must join Rebecca and Happy on their spaceship and escape into the boundless cosmos.

Hige wo Soru. Soshite Joshikousei wo Hirou.

Project No.9
13 episodes · TV Completed I Shaved. Then I Brought a High School Girl Home., Higehiro, ひげを剃る。そして女子高生を拾う。

Office worker Yoshida has been crushing on his coworker, Airi Gotou, for five years. Despite finally scoring a date with her, his confession is promptly rejected. Drunk and disappointed, he stumbles home, only to find a high school girl sitting on the side of the road. The girl, needing a place to stay the night, attempts to seduce Yoshida. Despite rejecting her advances, he nevertheless invites her into his apartment.

The next morning, the girl, introducing herself as Sayu Ogiwara, reveals that she has run away from Hokkaido all the way to Tokyo. During her six-month spree, she continually traded sexual favors for a roof over her head. Yoshida, however, remains unswayed by her seduction. Instead, he has her do a different kind of work—one that entails washing dishes and doing laundry. And so, a touching relationship between a heartbroken adult and a runaway high school girl begins.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]

How Not to Summon a Demon Lord 2nd Season

Okuruto Noboru, Tezuka Productions
10 episodes · TV Completed 異世界魔王と召喚少女の奴隷魔術Ω

How Not to Summon a Demon Lord 2nd Season


8 episodes · TV Ongoing

Seventeen-year-old Mark Grayson is just like every guy his age, except that his father is Omni-Man, the most powerful superhero on the planet. As Mark develops powers of his own, he discovers his father’s legacy may not be as heroic as it seems.

Lord of The Universe Season 3

Ruo Hong Culture
48 episodes · ONA Upcoming 万界神主 第三季

Mairimashita! Iruma-kun 2nd Season

Bandai Namco Pictures
21 episodes · TV Ongoing Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun 2nd Season, 魔入りました!入間くん

Second season of Mairimashita! Iruma-kun.

Osananajimi ga Zettai ni Makenai Love Comedy

Doga Kobo
12 episodes · TV Completed The Romcom Where The Childhood Friend Won't Lose!, Osamake, 幼なじみが絶対に負けないラブコメ

My childhood friend Shida Kuroha seems to have feelings for me. She lives next door, and is small and cute. With an outgoing character, she’s the caring Onee-san type, this being one of her greatest strengths.

…But, I already have my first love, the beautiful idol of our school, and the award-winning author, Kachi Shirokusa! Thinking about it rationally, I should have no chances with her, but, while walking home from school, she only talks to me, with a smile even! I might actually have a chance, don’t you think?!

Or so I thought, but then I heard that Shirokusa already has a boyfriend, and my life took a turn for the worse. I want to die. Why is it not me?! Even though she was my first love… As I was drowning in despair and depression, Kuroha whispered.

—If it’s that tough for you, then how about we get revenge? The best revenge ever, that is~

(Source: Novel Updates, edited)

Pacific Rim: The Black

7 episodes · TV Completed

After Kaiju ravage Australia, two siblings pilot a Jaeger to search for their parents, encountering new creatures, characters and allies.

The Country of Rare Treasure

2:10 AM Animation
10 episodes · ONA Ongoing 秘宝之国

In the multiverse called the data world, everything corresponding to the real world is stored. Within it, the data from relics of human culture gained self-awareness, and a secret group of spirits established an alliance: The Country of Rare Treasure.
The restorers, while investigating their own origins, lead the secret spirits against the forgotten viruses that will devour everything.

Tomb Raider’s Chronicles: Qinling Sacred Tree

Qiyuan Yinghua
12 episodes · ONA Completed 盗墓笔记之秦岭神树

After Wu Xie, who had experienced two adventurous events, returned to Hangzhou from Xisha, during his training, he suddenly received an itchy call that he hadn’t met for a long time. Lao Yi and Wu Xie told about their adventures in the hinterland of the Qinling Mountains three years ago, and invited Wu Xie to take the adventure together. Wu Xie and Lao You set off for an expedition in the Qinling Mountains. Here, they saw the huge Zheluo salmon, the magnificent underground river waterfall, the incredible ancient sacred tree… And Zhang Qiling, who has always been out there, also secretly helped Wu Xie. .Narul Donghua

Wan Jie Du Zun

Ruo Hong Culture
50 episodes · ONA Completed 万界独尊

On this day, Lin Feng was gathering his martial soul in the Lin Mansion. He didn’t want to. He had just cultivated the sword martial soul into a rudimentary form. His fiancee Ji Manyao took the opportunity to take his martial soul, and he almost vomited blood and died. At the same time, Lin Feng’s spirit entered the land of the burial of the gods. The mysterious woman in the land of the burials told Lin Feng that he could gain enormous martial arts power and knowledge by obliterating the ancient gods buried here. In the real world, Lin Feng, who was originally the young master of the Lin family, is no longer respected by the servants because he lost his sword martial spirit. They targeted Lin Feng everywhere. Even if Lin Feng’s sister Lin Xianger was sick, they were unwilling to help. It wasn’t until Lin Feng used the power he obtained from the land of the burial gods to defeat the powerhouse of the Huangjie martial arts——Lin Yuhong, the Lin family’s attitude towards Lin Feng changed. On the other side, because Lin Feng failed to control the newly acquired power well, he killed Qin Xiao who was fighting with him. Qin Xiao is the grandson of the elder of the Qin family, and has always been favored by the elders. Now that Qin Xiao is killed, the Qin family is always unwilling. They ran to the Lin family mansion in a rage and asked the Lin family to offer Lin Feng both hands.