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Hello Everyone!!

Hey, there fellow Donghua And Anime lovers and welcome to anime bloom.
It’s a website made by Anime bloom for Donghua And Anime lovers.

Questions related to donating.
  1. – What are the benefits of being a Donator and how do I obtain these benefits?
  2. By Donating via Patreon, you get access ads-free Server. You can obtain this benefit to become a member
  3. You can also donate using PayPal.
  4. – I wanna support the site, but I don’t have any money to, is there any other way I can?
  5. Yes, when browsing the site, you can enable skyscraper, banner ads, or a mix of the three.
  6. Skyscraper Ads are very long-in-length ads that are displayed on the sides of your screen, and a Banner Ad is a small ad that you’ll see on one side of your screen. Pick which ones to enable if you wanna support the site.

I’ve a PayPal that you guys can donate to (if you want of course).
The point of this is not to take your hard-earned money but to keep the website alive and service. Right now I am paying it out of our own pockets but soon it’ll be too much even for me to handle.

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